What we do

We provide solutions to the oil and gas industry. We understand the challenges and needs of planning and executing projects in today's environment.

We focus on the deliverables you need to make your next decision and we understand you have a complex business to run - we are here to help you accomplish your goals.

Our vision is to enable the energy industry to work together to be as effective as possible. We accomplish this by combining our digital technology with our focus on project management and engineering.

We continually innovate in the digital world to enable the energy industry to innovate in the real world.

How it started

Rod Gibbons Director

After many years of managing operations, assets and projects around the world in the oil and gas industry, we take the best practices to help us do our work better.

We work to understand our clients needs and then work in their best interest to achieve project success. We make custom solutions where the client can pick and choose just how much automation and digitalization they want applied to their project.

Our skills are technical, but our focus is on real world solutions. We work with you to get the results you are looking for without the need for taking more time than you want to provide.

The idea of being a full service project provider that "owns" it's work is where Ballycatter Engineering starts from. We are not a consultancy company but a results company.

We share your concerns and your goals - we see your success as our success.

We are available when you need a little extra help, or when you have a major project that needs dedicated focus. We stay as flexible as possible to meet your project needs.

2022 and Beyond

We help you accomplish your goals. We are there when you need us and we are just a call away. We provide project management and technical services when and where you need them, and we will make sure we do it your way. We provide excellent value and our years of experience let you know we are a trusted partner.

Experiences with Ballycatter Engineering

Client reviews

Easy to deal with and always open to new ideas. Ballycatter Engineering always listens to the data to make the best decisions.


The best boss I ever had. Having worked in the industry for over 5 years my time spent working in Ballycatter Engineering was the most fun and creative environment I have ever worked in. The open culture really brings out the best in people.


They are flexible and scalable and able to filter down to the main items of importance and then apply those to a project, from the smallest internal improvement to multi-million dollar project assessments.


Can always count on them to be there when needed. They take ownership of a project and do whatever it takes to make sure it is done right. A real team environment where everyone is on the same page.


They use logic to solve a problem. They have the clients best interest at heart and when things are not clear they are able to cut through the noise and find solutions in a logical way.


They find practical solutions, not just trying to gold-plate everything but look at it from the owners perspective. Doing a good job means delivering a product that is fit-for-purpose.

Technical notes

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