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Blowout and Oil Spill Modelling

When planning an offshore well (or any well, for that manner) the well construction process is focused on safely executing the drilling and completion of the well. However, in the event of a well control incident, an estimation of the worst case discharge from an offshore well is required. In the United States this is mandated by the document BOEM NTL No. 2015-01, which supersedes the previous BOEM NTL No. 2010-N06.

Relief Well Planning and Resourcing

In planning for a relief well, the contracting and mobilization of a drilling rig may be the single largest factor in the worst-case discharge calculation. In dense platform locations, consideration can be given to drilling a relief well from a nearby platform or from shore, but in more remote locations the availability and mobilization of a relief well MODU can be a larger issue.

"Do not down-man early..."

Having prepared for a relief well includes having adequate resourcing of the well construction team to manage this activity, thus down-manning a technical team when the well is past the "difficult" section is discouraged until the well is completed..

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