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About Ballycatter Engineering

Ballycatter Engineering personnel have been supporting the needs of the oil and gas industry for over 25 years. We are the people to contact for project solutions in the oil and gas industry. We assist E&P companies to succeed in their project investments.

We are here to work with you as a trusted partner sharing the same goals. We do this by understanding your value drivers, getting aligned, and reporting results of every scope of work.

We understand the value of being an internally motivated team that values initiative and a sense of urgency.

We value transparency and take pride in showing the difference we can contribute to your project.

I work for a company that is focused on costs - Ballycatter Engineering keeps things organized so I know where my costs are at any moment - saves me a bunch of stress.

Steve F.
Production Engineer

Rod did an amazing job with our acquisition of a large onshore asset. With a tight timeline, he focused on the important aspects and came to quick conclusions - Well Done.

Bruce B.
Operations Manager

The Ballycatter Engineering team showed me that even a routine safety meeting can be professional and engaging - with proper preparation and respect for your teammates. Great Job, can't wait to be involved in the next project!

Barb J.
Team Lead

Given that my schedule was full, getting Ballycatter Engineering to handle my additional workload went smooth. Very easy, low stress and quick turnaround. Totally worth the cost.

Sharon S.
Asset Manager

There is more than one way to do things, and engineering is all about coming up with the best solutions for the articular situation. A top notch project company with the most flexibility ever.

Bart K.
Managing Director

My experience was positive all the way through. I would recommend Rod and the team to anyone. They do what they say - they handle it!

Kevin J.
Senior Inspector

Engineering practical solutions

We have written several project engineering tips that you can download for free.

More than 1,500 professionals have already downloaded one of our whitepapers. They are full of tips and tricks and examples and are ideal to use it in your work.

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